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Elite Academy this year is all about Activation, 2021 Growth, and learning how to make your business personal. Get the best training, latest insights, and see what special surprise we have waiting that will change how you do business. Forever.

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TrueScience Personal Care Bundle

Register today and get early access to the entire TrueScience Personal Care Line launching June 1. 

Love the skin you’re in with our all-new TrueScience Personal Care line—officially launching June 1! Get exclusive access to these seven brand-new products for only $206 (224 PV) with your July Elite Academy registration—a savings of $79 off the regular price! That’s like getting Early Bird Registration for FREE—plus, one point toward Wanderlust 2021, and, best of all, the opportunity to try out these incredible new skincare products before they’re available to the public. 

What’s in the Bundle


Beauty Serum

Let your vibrance and youthful glow shine through with the help of our Beauty Serum. 

  • Erases the visible signs of aging with CBD-enhanced Nrf2 ingredients 
  • Supports your skin’s health with postbiotics, peptides, soothing seed oils, and stem cells 
  • Energizes your skin’s youthfulness, while fighting damaging environmental effects 


Body Wash

Bring the spa to your home with this refreshing and luxurious body wash.  

  • Uses fruit acids to gently exfoliate your skin while replenishing it with manuka honey 
  • Restores resilience to your stressed skin with a unique blend of sumptuous ingredients 
  • Brightens and lightens the appearance of your skin with our patented Nrf2 ingredients 


Body Lotion

Experience silky, soft skin all day long with our deeply moisturizing body lotion.  

  • Quickly delivers nourishing hydration to your skin as it soothes and calms 
  • Shields your skin from environmental stress with our patented Nrf2 ingredients 
  • Helps prevent visible signs of aging with pollution-fighting postbiotics 


Body Butter

Enjoy a smoother, more youthful appearance with the reviving effects of this rich Body Butter. 

  • Provides lasting relief for your dry, distressed skin with deep-penetrating emollients 
  • Reduces the visible signs of aging, such as discoloration and uneven skin tone 
  • Combats environmental stress with the power of CBD-enhanced Nrf2 ingredients 



Feel fresh, dry, and confident all day long with this rejuvenating, odor-fighting Deodorant.  

  • Fights odor-causing bacteria without aluminum or baking soda 
  • Soothes and nourishes your delicate underarm skin with CBD-enhanced Nrf2 ingredients 
  • Supports your skin’s natural antioxidants while alleviating dry skin 


Body Rub

Unwind while soothing tired muscles and finding a new sense of calm with our cooling Body Rub. 

  • Delivers calming CBD-enhanced Nrf2 ingredients for mild, long-lasting effects 
  • Comforts your skin with naturally-derived, moisturizing ingredients 
  • Helps you relax by activating your body’s behavioral receptors and endorphin production  


Soothing Balm

Assuage, smooth, and hydrate your irritated skin with our calming Soothing Balm. 

  • Provides comfort for cracked heels, dry patches, rough elbows, and chapped lips 
  • Soothes away your stress with calming broad-spectrum CBD, camphor, and eucalyptus 
  • Delivers rich emollients to your skin through a blend of seed oils, beeswax, shea, and mango butter 

Training Schedule

Starting at the end of March we will begin training on the TrueScience Personal Care line.

Week 1
March 29 – April 2
7:00 PM (MT)
Body Care
10:00 AM (MT)
Targeted Care
2:00 PM (MT)
Skin Care
Week 2
April 12 – 16
7:00 PM (MT)
Targeted Care
10:00 AM (MT)
Skin Care
2:00 PM (MT)
Body Care
Week 3
April 26 – 30
7:00 PM (MT)
Skin Care
10:00 AM (MT)
Body Care
2:00 PM (MT)
Targeted Care


Keynote and distributor speakers will be announced soon! Come back for more information.

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